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 AIA Convention 2016

  • Date: May 19-21
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center

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AIA Convention 2017

  • Date: April 27-29
  • City: Orlando
  • Location: Orange County Convention Center 

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Conveniently located near the White House, the National Mall, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the American Institute of Architects building is a one-of-a-kind alternative to convention and hotel venues.

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Hours of Operation

The AIA Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, except for Federal Holidays. Please be advised, the AIA Gallery space also functions as an event rental space. AIA reserves the right to close the public hours of operation at anytime for a private event rental.

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Featured Conference

AIA Convention 2016

May 19-21, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AIA Convention is one of the largest and most exciting annual gatherings of architects and design professionals in the U.S. The people, the ideas, the environment, the setting—it all comes together for an unforgettable experience that comes just once a year.

To find out more about why you should join us visit the AIA Convention 2016 website.




onPeak is the official AIA Housing vendor for AIA Convention 2016. 

Special rates are available through April 8.

Reservations not made through AIA Housing are at your own risk.

See more at the AIA Convention Housing.


To sign up for an advance look at the 2016 scheudule visit the AIA Convention website.

Upcoming Events

2015 AIA Taliesin Colloquium

  • Date: October 9-10, 2015
  • Scottsdale, AZ

The third AIA Taliesin Colloquium is sponsored and hosted by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for the Historic Resources Committee and the Committee on the Environment of the American Institute of Architects. The topic for this year's event will be Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment: New Conversations in Holistic Sustainability and Preservation.

Visit the conference website 2015 AIA Taliesin Colloquium for additional information.



2015 AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Fall Conference

  • Date: November 18-21, 2015
  • Miami, Florida

What if there was a better way to operate our justice system, but we were too invested in tradition to explore other options? Just imagine the potential for positive change, if we question the status quo. Join us and hundreds of other dedicated professionals at the 2015 AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice conference in Miami.

Visit the AAJ website 2015 AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Fall Conference for additional information.

AIAU: LUs at Your Fingertips

  • Date: Ongoing
  • Webinar - Ongoing

Our industry changes every day. New ideas, technology, materials, business opportunities, and more are constantly emerging. AIAU makes it easy to keep up—offering learning units (LUs) on the topics you need to stay current, the tactics and trending issues that affect your practice, and the ideas you crave for inspiration.

Plan a Green Meeting

ce walkthe walk

The time for talk is over

Green design should be a goal for everyone to leave a greener footprint for future generations, starting today. That's what our Walk the Walk campaign is all about.

Join the AIA's Walk the Walk Sustainability Initiative

AIA Community Service/Legacy Program

The AIA Legacy Events program was developed to promote sustainability and a legacy in the cities we visit. The AIA and American Institute of Architecture Students are working jointly to promote team-building and a dedication to leave a city better than it was before we arrived. Through volunteer activities we hope to create a lasting memory for architects, architectural students, and the general public.

View the first issue of the AIA Legacy Event Newsletter

Green Meeting Tips

Before you throw your jack-o-lanterns and decorative gourds in the trash can, consider this frightful fact: the seeds from pumpkins germinate in landfills and the pumpkin vines create significant problems when composting trash. Instead, consider more environmentally friendly alternatives for recycling your Halloween and autumn decor: Chop up your pumpkin and burry it in your garden. Pumpkins are biodegradable and easily break down in the Earth's soil; Compost the pumpkin. Pumpkins can do wonders for soil, but make sure to remove the seeds before sending it to the compost; Recycle it as a plant potter. Arrange flowers and other greenery in the top of your pumpkin to use as table decor; Discard it in a forest or woodsy area. Insects and animals, like squirrels and deer, will naturally break the pumpkin down by making a snack of it.

Got a Best Practice to Share?

If you've found a green meeting practice that is working well for you, share it with your colleagues. When you share your best practices, you help your colleagues improve their efficiency.

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