Jennifer A. Workman, AIA | 2013 Young Architects Award

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Jennifer A. Workman, AIA | Notes of Interest

For eight years Good Fulton & Farrell has given Jennifer every chance to make what she wanted out of her career through exciting projects and, most important, its support of her professional service with the AIA. Jennifer has been a pioneer for the voice of emerging professionals, and in less than 10 years she has led many initiatives that emphasized the need for young professionals to become involved. Her role as 2012 chair of the Young Architects Forum afforded her the opportunity to represent the 23,000 young architects who don’t have a voice but are struggling within an aging society in need of change. She is educating all levels of society that this change can be embraced, and with the help of the YAF, she is creating a roadmap for them to do this.

Jennifer’s leadership, hard work for the AIA, and service to the profession have given her opportunities to further strengthen the role of the YAF and all emerging professionals while continuing to advance the profession.

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Jennifer A. Workman, AIA

Jury Comments

Her dedication to the profession has been extraordinary, contributing to her community at large through volunteer activities to raise funds for scholarships for underprivileged youth and the Family Place, supporting homeless women.

2013 AIA Young Architects Award Jury

  • Norman L. Koonce, FAIA, Chair
  • McLean, Virginia
  • Albert W. Rubeling FAIA
  • Rubeling & Associates, Inc., Towson, Maryland
  • Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA
  • HKS, Inc., Dallas
  • John Sorrenti, FAIA
  • JRS Architect, PC, Mineola, NY
  • William J. Stanley, III, FAIA
  • Stanley Love-Stanley, PC, Atlanta

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